Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cast List

Seussical- Character List

Character                           Cast Member

Cat in the Hat –                   Joe Rogers
Boy/Jojo –                            Emily Michl
Horton –                            Jaden Cruz
Gertrude –                            Rachel Bennett
Mayzie –                            Kaylee Weinert
General Schmitz –          Justin Griggs
Mr. Mayor –                   David Monreal
Mrs. Mayor –                   Gina Watylyk
Sour Kangaroo –                   Paola Lehman
Yertle the Turtle –          Mike Vrablik
Grinch –                            Sean Pruett Jones
Cindy Lou Who –                   Vanessa Jebb
Max the Dog –                   Cameron Bolton
Vlad Vladikoff –                   Cameron Bolton
Thing One and Thing Two – Vanessa and Veronica Sanchez
Bird Girl #1 –                   Samantha Goldsmith, Annie Mitchell
Bird Girl #2 –                   Kristin Tomecek, Maddie Chapp        
Bird Girl #3 –                   Tessa Sundstrom, Abby Schwarz
Wickersham #1 – Jake Payne
Wickersham #2 – Marco Severini
Wickersham #3 – Dylan Dreilich
Who Father #1 – Mike Gmitro
Who Mother #1 -  Eileena Giurini
Who Child #1 - Katelyn Smith
Who Father #2 – Michael Vrablik
Who Mother #2 – Anna Menendez
Who Daughter #2 - Katie Buckley, Jessica Van Winkle
Who Child #2 - Tom Loftus
Who Father #3 – Brandon Ripoli
Who Mother #3 – Allison Nicolai
Who Father #3 – Cameron Bolton
Who Daughter #3 - Ugne Jurgaityte
Who Child #3 - Meana Lopez, Karely Moncada
Who Mother #4 – Rachel Sammons
Who Daughter #4 - Annabelle Daily, Candance Shelbrack
Who Child #4 – Lauren Grimaldi
Who Daughter #5 – Miranda Molina
Who Mother #5 – Moira Dunn
Who Father #5 – Bryan Wilson
Who Child #5 – Hannah Hettasch, Cecilia Ringo, Alina Gonzalez
Cadets – Brandon, Tom, Mike G., Bryan
Circus Folk  – Vanessa Sanchez, Veronica Sanchez
Circus Animals           Jessica VanWinkle, Candice Shelbrack, Karely Moncada, Cecilia Ringo, Alina Gonzalez, Miranda Molina
Courtroom Men –
Courtroom Women –

Congratulations!  However:
This list is still incomplete! Who and Jungle People will be doing double duty as fish, cadets, circus folk, courtroom folk, etc. and will be on stage a lot. Being a member of a Who family doesn't sound too important right now, but this really is a production that will have everyone involved in a lot of action.

Our first meeting and rehearsal is Monday, Jan. 14 at 3:30 in the auditorium.  This includes all cast and crew!
Tuesday – Full cast meet in the Choir Room at 3:30 for a first music rehearsal!  After music rehearsal, you will move to the auditorium for blocking.