Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shenanigans- R.B.'s Improv Troupe

After a sold-out and highly successful premiere performance, "It Tastes Like Paint", Shenanigans held an audition on Friday to add one or two new members for their second show scheduled for May. The auditions consisted of improvisation games such as: 3-line scene, revolving door, freeze improv, and a story game. The current troupe (listed below) and Ms. Briskman (me), the troupe's sponsor and director judged the auditions. There was an extremely impressive and talented turn out for the auditions. On Monday, we will post the new troupe member or members outside of the forum room. It was a very tough decision, due to so much talent and the many different performance styles and senses of humor of those auditioning. We attempted to choose a talented improviser (or two) and someone that would be a good fit in the current group, and add something new and fresh. WE WILL BE HOLDING ANOTHER SHENANIGANS AUDITION IN JUNE. I really hope that all those that auditioned and were not given spots in the troupe now, will audition then. We will be accepting more members at the end of the year, and WE NEED YOUR TALENT. My advice in order to improve your skills is to attend Improv Club every Wednesday after school. We will be starting up as soon as the Musical is over. I also recommend taking class, seeing improv performances, seeing other fine arts performances, reading, and staying abreast of current events. Thank you so much to all that auditioned.
Sincerely-Ms. Briskman
Current Shenanigan's Members (In no particular order) :
Zeyne Guzelderli
Olivia Toriumi
Jacob Palka
Drew Kohler
Paul Landahl
Sara Nie
Nick Rauba
Connor Halline
Andrew Brondos

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Club & Special Olympics Fundraiser

Saturday January 30th 7:30-12am @ Brixie's Saloon 9526 Ogden Avenue Brookfield, IL 60513

Support RBHS Special Olympics by attending the 3rd Annual Bulldog Boogie at Brixie's Saloon in Brookfield. Art Club designed and donated jewelry for sale at the event. Proceeds will benefit RBHS Special Olympic team, specifically new uniforms!!! There will be live music, food and door prizes! Suggested donation is $5.

Thank you sponsors: A Sound Education, Aunt Diana's, Bill's Place, Brennan's Spa, Brixie's, Brookfield Express Car Wash, Brookfield's True Value Hardware, Cafe Salsa, Chew Chew Cafe, Christopher Mark Flowers, LaCabinita, Loca Mocha Coffee House, Ryan's Public House, Tischler's, Tony's Breakfast Cafe, Tequila Mockingbird

Audition Drama

Rehearsals are underway for Guys and Dolls. Auditions are behind us, yet my mind still lingers on some of the outcomes. Some students that did not get the role that they desired ended up quitting the play. I am torn between feeling disappointed in those students, and impressed with them for making tough decisions in order to make themselves happy. None of the students that quit cited "not getting the role that they desired" as their reason for quitting. There may have been a number of reasons for them opting out of this year's play. I do feel that every part is important to a play. And when students audition they should be willing to accept any role with dignity and grace, or should state their stipulations on their audition sheet. Sometimes just being a part of a production is rewarding and a wonderful learning experience, yet sometimes perhaps working in a role that is undesirable may be a difficult experience. Whether to quit a play when not being given the role you desire is a complicated and difficult decision. Those that continue performing after high school will be faced with this decision and plenty of rejection along the way. Hopefully your experiences in high school will make you stronger, more resilient, and more savvy.
Ms. Briskman

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Weekly Instrumental Update

Dear Instrumental Community,

Welcome to semester two! This is a very exciting week for the faculty and several students who will be traveling to Peoria IL on Wednesday for the IMEA All State Convention. Congratulations to Molly Chaney, Kevin Dihn, and Ben Mitchell for their tremendous accomplishments!

The Jazz Band has been invited to play at Hackneys of Palos Park on Wednesday evening starting at 7:30 PM. They will be opening for the Brass tracks Big Band. You won’t want to miss this evening of great music!

This Sunday Volunteers are needed to form a pep band. Students will be playing for the 8th grade Day of Champions from 2:00 Pm until 3:00 PM.

Mark your calendars! The entire music department has been invited to help usher in the festivities at the Dedication Ceremony for the newly renovated building on March 21st. we know that we will be playing several combined tunes and that it will be in the afternoon; more details to follow.

Solo and Ensemble entries have been submitted. Students should now have their solo and or ensemble chosen as well as hired an accompanist for their solos. It is standard to have to pay an honorarium to your accompanist; the rate varies based on how many practices you schedule before your event as well as the pianist credentials.

Are you planning a trip this summer? Be sure to check the calendar for marching band conflicts. The Freshmen Band Camp will run from June 14th through July 2nd, Monday through Friday from 12:00 PM until 3:00 PM. On Monday nights during that time we also have marching band practice for the Independence Day Parades from 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM. In august Marching Band Camp runs from the 16th to the 19th from 12:00 Pm until 6:00 PM. It is important that all students involved in marching attend the August camp where students learn the drill for next year’s half time show.

Congratulations to Casey Creedon who has acquired a new viola! Step up instruments can greatly improve your students tone and overall enjoyment in music.

Interested in a summer music camp? There are scholarships available to help cover the costs of these enriching camps. Thank you to Mrs. Wade for sending in this link to one such scholarship application:

Please remember to keep us updated on any music accomplishments you may have!


Mr. Baum and Mr. McOlgnan

Friday, January 22, 2010

Auditorium Update

When the Auditorium renovation work is finished it will be done to our complete specifications and will be restored close to its original splendor! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen rigging problems and safety issues the completion date is anticipated for mid March & will be open to the public for the Dedication Ceremony on March 21, 2010. Due to the later completion date, the Spring Musical, Guys & Dolls, will be performed in the newly renovated Little Theater. The Little Theater has already hosted the Fall Play, Murder Room & Revolution Dance Concert with great success! We appreciate everyone's patience during these times & look forward to being able to use & share this wonderful space! Photos of the work in progress have been posted below & may be found on the Fine Arts Shutterfly Gallery.

Auditorium in Progress Jan 22

Click here to view these pictures larger

Friday, January 15, 2010


RB's 4th hour Repertory Dance Ensemble class will be performing their first ever winter dance concert tonight, Friday, January 15, 2010, at 4:00 and 7:00 in the little theatre! Please join us for a wonderful evening of DANCE.

Dancers will be performing choreography by guest choreographers Jon Lehrer and Donnette Cannonie. Student choreographers include: Lauren DeRosier, Natalie Godlewski, Danielle Kovack, Melissa Pruitt, and Tiffany Guel-Blanco.

More About Guys and Dolls


This year's musical is one of the most famous musical's of all time, and one of the all time most successful musicals ever to hit broadway. Below is a short synopsis from http://website.lineone

New York, the city that never sleeps. And within it, all human life. From the news seller to the chorus girl, from the gambler to the missionary - all of them caught up in the teeming vitality of the city streets.
Sergeant Sarah Brown, of the Save a Soul Mission, vainly trying to spread the Word, and make a difference to the sin and depravity of the streets, full of tipsters, gamblers and con men. Adelaide, the showgirl, desperate to leave behind her seemingly glamorous lifestyle for a white picket fence and roses round the door. Nathan Detroit, trying to find yet another new location for his floating dice game, keeping just one short step ahead of the law. And the gamblers themselves, eager for just one more roll, for that winning streak which will keep them ahead of the game. And the coolest, highest roller of them all, Sky Masterson, who would bet on anything that would turn him a profit.


Sarah- Stephanie Duve

Sky- Galen Ryan

Adelaide- Becky Pendola

Nathan- Zeyne Guzelderli

Arvide- Katelyn Reynolds

General-Olivia Toriumi

Nicely- Kyle Perfect

Benny- Jacob Palka

Harry- Jeremy Fong

Lt. Brannigan- Nathan Smith

Big Jule- Drew Kohler

Rusty- Max Marciniak

Joey- Connor Halline

Agatha- Theresa Schmidt

Mimi- Sara Nie

Waiter/Dancer in Havana- Dovas Lietuvninkas

MC/Waiter at the Hot Box- Andrew Brondos

Angie the Ox- Jaden Cruz

Hot Box Girls:
Allison Hornung
Sara Nie
Annie Mitchell
Olivia Toriumi
Olivia Landa
Samantha Friend
Sam Goldsmith
Molly Chaney
Mary Heer
Lauren Krolasik

Theresa Schmidt
Rachel Ramos
Tre Edwards
Allison Nicolai
Lia Purdy
Grace Mikus
Kaylee Weinert
Lauren Hettasch
Masha Yulanova
Jeremiah Payne

Dovas Lietuvninkas
Andrew Brondos
Aron Perfect
Mike Vrablik
Kevin Smaller
Mitchell Malloy

Student Assistant Director:
Lorelei Volpe

Dance Captain:
Brigit Collazo

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Guys and Dolls

This year's musical has been cast! Congratulations to all of the cast members! It is going to be a terrific show!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mural Painters to be Recognized!

The Fredrick Law Olmstead Society of Riverside will recognize the RBHS Art Department for the role it played in the collaborative community art project "This Place Matters, Riverside & its Landmark Arcade Building" with the goal of preserving and celebrating the Arcade Building. The "Olmsted Spirit Award" will be presented to the Art Department on Friday, Jan. 15 at 7:00pm at the Riverside Township Hall. All mural painters are invited to attend with their friends and families!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekly Instrumental Update

Dear Instrumental Music Community,

Students are busy preparing auditions for next year’s ensembles. All auditions need to be heard by Friday January 15th.

At this time students should have their solo and/or ensembles chosen for the contest on March 6th. As always, if you need any help preparing your music please ask Mr. Baum or Mr. McOlgan.

The Jazz Band students are working hard to prepare for their performance at Hackneys on January 27th. Be sure to invite all your friends, relatives, and neighbors to this jazz filled evening.

We would like to welcome Andy Macaione to the RB music department. Mr. Macaione will be student teaching at RB and Hauser simultaneously through early May.

Maggie McLaughlin just purchased a new cello, congratulations. Step up instruments are crucial to improving tone.

Congratulations to Alex Lutz who was accepted to Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee. While there, Alex hopes to purse a degree in music business.

Musically yours,

Mr. Baum and Mr. McOlgan

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010 Winter Art Winners

Click here to view these pictures larger

Congratulations to the 2010 Winter Art Show Award Winners

Best of Show: Body of Work - Kerry Gawne
Best of Show: 2D - Zoe Steinberg
Best of Show: 3D - Samantha Romano
Viewers’ Choice Award: Angela Bochucinski

Riverside Arts Center Freeark Gallery Award
Tom Cichon, Lisa Stephan, & Haley St. Paul

Ceramics: (Functional)
1st Place: Samantha Romano
Honorable Mention: Colleen Lucas
Honorable Mention: Jon Schereck

1st Place: Angela Bochucinski
Honorable: Kayla Thompson
Honorable Mention: T Stastny

Digital Imaging:
1st Place: Zoe Steinberg
Honorable Mention: Brooke Tennert
Honorable Mention: Sean Hennessy

Photography: (Advanced)
1st Place: Kelly Perfect
Honorable: Alyssa Carabez
Honorable Mention: Samantha Friend
Honorable Mention: Kerry Gawne

Drawing: (Advanced)
1st Place: T Stastny
Honorable Mention: Zoe Steinberg
Honorable Mention: Kayla Thompson
Honorable Mention: Angela Bochucinski

Photography: (Novice)
1st Place: Amber Powers
Honorable Mention: Daniel Gonzalez
Honorable Mention: Sofia Soluri
Honorable Mention: Maraya Sandoval

Drawing: (Novice)
1st Place: Andrea Varaneckas
Honorable Mention: Kevin Garcia
Honorable Mention: Cassie Cook
Honorable Mention: Jordan Purdy

1st Place: Angela Bochucinski
Honorable Mention: Maria Arevalo
Honorable Mention: Zoe Steinberg

Mixed Media:
1st Place: Emily Hejna
Honorable Mention: Alyssa Carabez
Honorable Mention: Kelly Glavin

1st Place: Jackie Cedano
Honorable Mention: Colleen Fruin
Honorable Mention: Ashley Lozano
Honorable Mention: Sean McGonagill

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Winter Art Show Opens!

Everyone is invited to attend the 2010 Winter Art Show! The Opening Reception takes place this Thurs. Jan 7 at 6pm. The exhibit is located upstairs near the new Northwest Entrance in the Art Pit & Room 201. Come view the work of RB's Art Department students & the award winning artists! A new documentary covering the historic Arcade Mural Project, created by the RBTV Department, will be shown at the exhibit & available for purchase. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Gary Prokes, RB's Art Department, numerous local art educators, local artists & the Riverside Arts Center Board Members for volunteering their time to select the winners for the various awards for the show.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Weekly Instrumental Update

Dear Instrumetal Music Community,

We hope you all had a great holiday with your family; it’s great to be back!

All students should be forming ensembles and searching for appropriate solos for Solo and Ensemble Contest to be held on March 6th, 2010. If they need help they should see either Mr. Baum or Mr. McOlgan.

Tri-m will be meeting next tuesday at 7:15 AM in the Band room.

The Jazz Band students are hard at work preparing for their appearance at Hackneys on January 27th. Be sure to invite all your friends and relatives, it promises to be a very fun evening!

Cadet and Concert Band students should be busy preparing their scales for Symphonic Band auditions. Any student interested in auditioning for Symphonic Band, either Jazz Band, or Chamber Orchestra has to be heard by January 15th.

Congratulations to Ben Mitchell who acquired a new Conn 8d French Horn over the holiday!

As always, keep us posted on your achievements!

Musically yours,

Mr. Baum and Mr. McOlgan